Cinnamon Peanut Butter Donuts
Cinnamon Peanut Butter Donuts, you heard us 🤤 How incredible do these bad boys from @nickyward86 look! Turning our Cinnamon Donut Spread into an actual real-life donut because we've all thought about doing this, right?!
Quick & Easy Beefless Pho
Is there anything better than a meal that can be cooked in one pot? Super easy and so quick, you can easily whip this up on a weeknight.
Choc Hazelnut Easter Cake
Looking to make your Easter egg-stra without the effort? We might just have the quickest Easter cake decorating hack ever! This Choc Hazelnut Easter Cake is oh so easy and will impress your guests these holidays!
Spicy Chilli Laksa
In the mood for comfort food? Our Spicy Chilli Laksa is sure to warm you up!⁠
Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Spritz
Why limit happy to an hour! Our Lemon & Pink Peppercorn Spritz is best enjoyed all afternoon
Grapefruit & Rose Infused Spritz
Pretty in pink grapefruit! Fall in love with our Grapefruit & Rose Infused Spritz. This little beauty is delicate, refreshing and ever so sweet! ⁠
Bagel Mix Potato Bake
Looking for ways to use our More Than Just Bagel Seasoning Mix? Well look no further! This Bagel Mix Potato Bake is the ultimate side dish! Comforting, addictive and a current family favourite in our house. ⁠
Blood Orange & Mango Slushie Spritz
If you can't go to Italy, bring Italy to you! Our Blood Orange & Mango Slushie Spritz is like a Bellini with an Aussie twist! Featuring our favourite @sofispritz Blood Orange & Bitters Aperitivo
Not Tella Stuffed Dates
We've whipped up some Not Tella Stuffed Dates. They taste like a fudge brownie and are oh so Irresistible! You can bet we'll be celebrating Not Tella day everyday with these little beauties.
Not Tella Smoothie
It's like a chocolate milkshake, but make it healthy! This Not Tella Smoothie recipe is the perfect way to satisfy those sweet cravings, without reaching for a block of chocolate. It also makes the ultimate after school snack that your...
Gin Espresso Cocktail
BRB, currently dreaming of a winter wonderland and Espresso Cocktails. We aren't getting snow anytime soon, but we certainly can make a cocktail!⁠
The Clover Club Cocktail
It's gin o'clock! This Clover Club cocktail is the perfect way to cool down and calm down from the stress of the holiday season!
Summer G&T
It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails! This refreshing Summer G&T hits the spot during this heat wave and is sure to impress your guests this entertaining season! 
Salted Caramel Donut Smoothie
Did you know that our Cinnamon Donut spread is not just for toast?  This Salted Caramel Donut Smoothie recipe by @simplecasita is perfect for a hot summer afternoon, and is currently our go-to recipe at The Wholefoods Refillery HQ.
The Ultimate Entertaining Platter
When it comes to entertaining friends or family nothing is easier than a platter right?! There is always something on there for everyone to enjoy.We’ve created the ultimate entertaining platter that our family and friends have loved every time we...
Gluten Free Baked Vanilla Iced Doughnuts
Now these are what we call hole-foods! These Gluten Free Baked Vanilla Iced Doughnuts from Maj @thosewefancy look divine and taste the part too!
Paprika Popcorn
We've been snacking and streaming a lot this year in lockdown, and our Paprika Popcorn is hands down our go-to favourite movie night snack.
3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes
Our 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes are quite literally the easiest pancake recipe ever.Topped with our Macadamia Butter, maple syrup and some blueberries and you've got yourself the perfect morning. ⁠⁠
Lemon Myrtle Collins Cocktail
It's happy hour somewhere, right? We partnered with Richard Weinstein, Luigi Bormioliau, and Distillery Botanica to bring you this beautiful 'Lemon Myrtle Collins' cocktail recipe, garnished with our Dried Lemons and enjoyed alongside our Wild Baby Figs.
Spooky Snack Platter
This Halloween, trick or treat... yo'self with a spooky snack platter by @maj_and_the_half_done_house. This creepy creation is sure to jazz up your halloween entertaining and keep your little monsters happy! 
East Side Cocktail
Gin and Kri Kri. A match made in heaven!⁠ We partnered with Richard Weinstein, Luigi Bormioliau glassware, and Distillery Botanica to bring you this refreshing and oh so easy 'East Side' cocktail recipe. Best enjoyed alongside our Original Kri Kri...