About Us

Simply put. Real food with no bull. 

The Wholefoods Refillery is your neighbourhood Wholefoods food shop. We're here to minimise unnecessary packaging and waste and fill your pantries and bellies with healthy wholefoods that truly are good for you.

We pride ourselves on being the highest quality food company in Australia.You won't find us cutting corners.

We value food as one of the most important aspects of life. It’s how we fuel ourselves, it’s how we fuel are families and it’s how we entertain with those close to us.

We are competitive on price, but one thing we will never lower is the quality of our products.

At The Wholefoods Refillery we specialise in making our very own range of nut butters, but more than just this we source the best freshly roasted nuts you will find in Australia, incredible dried fruits, products promoting gut health and well being as well as a range of granola’s, savoury snacks, body products and homewares.By operating predominantly online we guarantee the freshest products you can find as well as being able to keep our overheads low andpass on our savings to you.We aim to become the most competitive player on the market and make responsibly sourced Wholefoods accessible to Australia and beyond. space The Wholefoods Refilleryest.in2020 Check us out!


Our Award Winning Nut Butters are known for their perfect balance of sweet and savoury offerings, making them the perfect way to sweeten or spice up your cooking!



Get inspired with our quick and easy dinner recipes, healthy sweet treats, smoothies and cocktails to really wow your guests!



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