Chocolate Chai Hot Cross Buns

"Gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar free! I have used brown rice flour and coconut sugar to keep these buns low GI and as wholesome as possible. Apart from family coming together, Hot Cross Buns are my next favourite thing about Easter! I love all kinds, but the choc-chip variety are my favourite. Why just have chocolate on Easter when you can have chocolate and sweet bread together? The chocolate melts through the soft bun when heated, the chai tea adds subtle warmth and spice, and when smeared with some organic butter, these are just divine! Gluten free baking takes a little bit of science experimentation. I did lots of research about how to ‘replicate’ or ‘mimic’ the gluten in gluten free baking to create a similar texture to regular baking with wheat. You may need to visit your local health food store for a few of these ingredients that help to thicken and bind the dough. Totally worth it when it means not missing out on this Easter treat because you can't have gluten. Enjoy with a steaming hot cup of tea!"


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