We ship everywhere within Australia.

Unfortunately, we don't offer international shipping from our online shop; however, if you email us at, we can organise something for you. So far, we have shipped overseas to customers in New Zealand, Spain, France & Greece!

If you're shipping to Castle Hill 2154, Baulkham Hills 2153, Bella Vista 2153 or West Pennant Hills 2125, you can pick Free Local Delivery when checking out.

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process your order for shipping. We make every effort to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. Please allow for extra time during promotional or seasonal periods.

Shipping times depend on your location. If you live down the street from us in Sydney, you will get it faster than if you were in Darwin.
Please note that we don't dispatch on Saturday or Sunday.

If it is an emergency situation (e.g. special event, important dinner party or you or a significant other is in desperate need of one of our delicious products), then please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will do our utmost best to get our products in your hands!

If you don't include delivery instructions at checkout and are not home when your order is delivered, or you don't answer the door, our delivery driver will take your delivery to your nearest pick-up location.

Unfortunately, as most of our products are sensitive to heat, we don't like leaving packages on your doorstep in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for the loss or damage of your delivery once your goods have been delivered to your address. This includes if you advise us to leave the delivery at your property unattended.

We try our best to ensure our stock levels are up to date; however, an error may occasionally occur. If something is out of stock, we will notify you. You will have the option to choose between a product swap or a refund for that product.

All of our packaging is recyclable where possible.

The following items in your package are able to be recycled: Brown cardboard, paper and card.

Our food bags are currently not recyclable; however, we are looking into recyclable options for this.

Our jars are fully recyclable, excluding the sticker and seal on the jars.

Please check with your local council to confirm what recyclables they collect, and always make sure you rinse your empty jars/ tubs before putting them in the recycling bin.

Before throwing them out, there are so many uses for jars in the home. We encourage you to reuse them over and over again. We use them to store pantry items, propagate plants, make overnight oats etc.


We make our nut butters in glass jars as they are a safe, non-toxic, strong material that is 100% recyclable. Plus, it looks cute in your pantry, right?


Please always refer to the allergy advice and ingredients on the product page on the website before consuming anything.

Although we take extreme care to separate and pack our products carefully, we can not guarantee the food on our site may not contain allergens, traces of allergens or bi-products of the following:

Peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, seeds, soybeans and soy products, egg, pollen and bee products, preservatives, gluten and cereals containing gluten, wheat, rye, barley oats, spelt, dairy, fish, crustacea, and other products that may behave as allergens to certain people.

Some are but not all. Where something is organic, we will always let you know.

It's simple, cost and availability. Not all products are available in an organic option for us to buy or at a reasonable price.

We aim to source the highest quality products, and sometimes we make the trade-off between buying high-quality Australian products to support our growers instead of going overseas for organic products.

We always will when we can source a reasonably priced organic product for you.

No. It's as simple as that. We wouldn't feed our family palm oil, so we promise not to feed it to you.

Hi-oleic peanuts are a very special variety of peanuts that are only grown in a few places around the world; we source ours from Australia mainly, and when they are out of season, we get them from Argentina as they are the most comparable to the Australian ones.

Not only are these bad boys naturally sweeter and more delicious than standard peanuts, they actually contain higher levels of monounsaturated fats (the 'good' kind of fat, which helps support normal cholesterol levels).

If you want to get super technical, they contain around 30% more monounsaturated fats than regular peanuts, putting them up with other heart-healthy foods like avocados and olive oil.

We get our nuts roasted fresh each week. They are stored in air-tight containers to lock in the freshness and sold to you that same week!

Yes. We don’t use any GMO ingredients in our products.

No. We are very fortunate that our beautiful country has a plethora of food available; however, not all of our products are able to be grown in our conditions here. We will always state where the ingredients are from if applicable.

All our nut butters are made in Castle Hill, NSW, Australia.

All of our other products are packaged at the same facility.

Nut Butters

Yes, most of our nut butters are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. The only two that aren't are the 'Satay Paste' and 'Butter Chicky Paste'.

Yes, most of our nut butters are free from refined sugars. The only two that contain sugar are the 'Satay Paste' and 'Butter Chicky Paste'.

Our 'Choc Coco' and 'Cinnamon Donut Spread' contain Birch Xylitol, a natural sugar-free sweetener from the Birch Tree.

Yes, all of our nut butters are made with spray-free nuts.

Yes, of course! Our nut butters are incredibly versatile and can be used for many things, including cooking. For inspiration on how to use our nut butters check out our recipes page here.

Once opened, we recommend using our nut butters within 6 months (easy!)

Unopened, you will get a year out of it.

Our nut butters don't need to be refrigerated, but we recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight and storing them in a cool, dry place.

All of our nut butters are dog friendly except for; Cinnamon Donut, Choc Coco, Mild Chilli or Spicy Chilli.

Our furry friends' favourites are Peanut or Cashew Coconut.

Yes, we sure can. Email your request through to

Of course! Email us at with what you are after, and we will look after you.

Oil separation is normal. Especially when there is no junk in the trunk (in the nut butter), because we don't add unnatural stuff like additives, stabilisers and emulsifiers to our nut butters, natural oil separation will occur over time. Nothing to worry about - give it a good stir, and it'll be back to its usual creamy self in no time.


We're unable to accept returns for our food products. If there is something wrong with the product you have purchased or it was broken in transit, please contact us at, and we will replace it.

To see our full refund policy click here.


We accept Paypal and all credit/ debit cards. We even accept Amex, and no, we won't ever charge you an extra fee for it.

If you're shopping with us at a farmers market, you also have the option to pay cash.

If you've made a mistake when entering your details, e.g. you forgot to add your house or apartment number, please email us at with the correct details.

Once your order has been shipped, we cannot make changes to addresses. Please ensure your address is correct before checking out.

Yes. Please allow some extra time on large jar orders. We may have to order your stock in, and they do take longer to pack due to all the extra packaging.


For all media and/or press enquiries, please email us at

We love to collaborate with like-minded people on cool stuff like this. Email us

Yes, we sure do. Email us at if you want to collaborate.


Easy, please email us with your store name and website at

It's best to email your query to to start a conversation.


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