Chocolate Wreath

Chocolate Wreath

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Make a DIY fun chocolate wreath for any special occasion. Whether it be to to entertain your friends, your valentine or for our favourite a Christmas celebration.

Sold in both Medium and Large sizes, please select your desired size. We recommend the medium size for 1-3 people to share and the large size for 3-5 people to share.

** Please note this product comes in a bag and you make it into the wreath at home. Product includes instructions on how to put it together.

Selling in our medium size you will find:

155g Milk Chocolate Strawberries

100g White Chocolate Strawberries

50g White Chocolate Raspberries

50g Caramel Hazelnuts

50g Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Medium Price: $25


Selling in our large size you will find:

310g Milk Chocolate Strawberries

200g White Chocolate Strawberries

100g White Chocolate Raspberries

100g Caramel Hazelnuts

100g Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Large Price: $49.99

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